Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcoming the Weekend

Maria's sister Elle and her husband Wayne are on their way down to watch their son Francis row tomorrow as St. Lawrence U Crew meets RIT on the Genesee. Crew may top cross country skiing as the most painful to watch, it may not be as cold but you see less. You get a shot as the boat goes by, while in ski meets you get to see the start and finish usually and maybe even a lap. It will be fun regardless. If I get one I will post a picture tomorrow.

Hopefully it will be warmer and I can get on the bike too. Although it was sunnier today it never got much above freezing. I may have a challenge coming, my friend Steve has posted he rode 55 miles this week. He lives in a slightly nicer climate where it doesn't rain as much. Ferocity of some storms make up for that.

I am pretty talked out, having visited a lot and then having a phone it court appearance. More tomorrow.

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