Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Sunshine

In Rochester, home of 61 sunny days a year, that's somewhere around 17% sunny and 83% gray, more that one sunny day is something to celebrate, more than that you might find us dancing in the streets. Bear in mind this still much better than some places, my home area around Utica, NY is has less. I don't really suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, though a lot of people do including Maria to a small degree. I just like the sun and the warmth.

My dad was a contractor and put his four sons to work early. After finishing college I joined him, working up through the ranks. I think I started as a wheelbarrow operator, graduated to shingler and then a framer. Somewhere along the line I also started estimating and finally ran the company under his very critical eye. The company ended up closing because the world couldn't take 2 stubborn Ed Hinges working together. I think there would have been cataclysmic repercussions if my son Ned would have had the opportunity join us. He may be the most stubborn.

But I spent a lot of time working outside. I think the best part about working in sunny weather is that you aren't cold, wet and miserable. Just a minor perk. I had an office in the center core of building at my last job, now windows to the outside. I won't say it contributed to the stroke, there were plenty of other job related factors that did, but it is pretty unnatural.

Should my stamina come back I may consider carpentry again. In the meantime, my deposit check went out to Will Beemer at the Heartwood School for the SketchUp course. BMike outlined out all the pluses and minuses in an email and it pretty confirmed what I thought. Google will have to make some changes or spin it off, but it has a lot of potential. He also directed me to a free program which is similar to AutoCad LT. My version was quickly approaching not being able to work with operating systems. This gives me the potential for another avenue for employment, drafting glass shop drawings. Unlike my former employer, most companies do not have drafting capabilities and send it out to subcontractors. A friend has one company but works in another market. We shall see.

The course is geared toward timber frame but should cover more and will also be a great chance to catch up with BMike. His father in law is another stroke survivor and I look forward to meeting him and hearing his experiences. It affects all of us differently and uniquely.

Now I have a CAD program to try...wish me luck. One other thing, a picture of my Dad's business card from the late 60's, I found it in his desk when I came to check on my Mom after the hub bub of the funeral was over. Pretty cool, Miss ya Pop!

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