Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bad Speech Day

A lot of people have bad hair days, myself being one, but I also have bad speech days. Today was one. While the stroke did not do much to hurt my good looks, being told how good I look all the time, it has affected my speech. Again, I am told I sound great.

In my previous life I spent much of my day on the phone talking to suppliers, customers, architects and co-workers. Then there were the meetings which I had to be at and participate in. I wish I could do that now. Shortly after the stroke it seemed like my mouth was hindering my speech, my face had a noticeable droop and my tongue felt heavy.

Closing in on 8 months I realize its not a problem with my mouth or tongue, I did all my speech therapy exercises. The problem is processing the words coming from my brain to the mouth. The ideas are there, the ability to speak them is there but they don't quite get there. Because both ends work I can speak for a minute, then it becomes labored and then it doesn't quite work. It is an exhausting process and wipes me right out. Driving is only other thing that exhausts me quite as much. It's regaining the paths that were lost.

The bad part about today's bad speech day is that I missed Farmer Erin's CSA Potluck dinner. One blog I follow is "The Irresistible Fleet of Bicycles, the Greenhorn's Blog" If you have any interest in farming and where your food comes from its a good one. One of the links was Farmer Erin's blog and she turned out to be right down the road. I hope to be helping her and maybe get some good veggies. The rabbits seem to decimate mine, no matter how hard I try.

I feel bad and am pissed I missed Erin's dinner, but I got sick of fighting these a while ago when I realized that a bad speech day usually led to at least one day totally exhausted. In an email from BMike, he mentioned his Father in Law had a stroke three years ago and was getting up to 95% now. I hope to get that far, hopefully sooner. And Erin I will come down to plant soon.

I also read a variety of biking blogs and have had a lot of fun this week watching the BikesnobNYC vs. AntbikeMike. I will get some of these links up soon but both will come right up with a little searching. As of now AntbikeMike is thankful for all the readers BikeSnob has thrown his way. By the way ANT (Alternative Needs Transportation) makes some incredible frames and bikes. Check them out at: I have a real nice Trek bike and wont say anything bad about it or then, but I wish I had known about ANT, they are the shizzle.

Erin, I am sorry but it just becomes too much. Hopefully it will get better, I am told I have made great strides already.

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