Monday, March 22, 2010

Bicycle Dairies

I am trying to remember if I bought Talking Heads 77 or More Songs About Building and Cars first. Some of my memories from college are fuzzy at best and I gave up on vinyl a long time ago. I bought an MP3 player from Amazon yesterday, something I thought I would never do, another media medium.

But I loved the sparse sound and frenetic energy of the Talking Heads and still listen to them regularly. "Life in Wartime," "Psycho Killer," and "Take Me to the River" with David Byrne singing and Tina Weymouth driving a bass line and the funky urban sound made a lasting impression. The later music was a little softer but still fun and unique. As you can tell I will never be a music critic, but I enjoy very much.

So I spent the weekend reading David Byrne's Bicycle Dairies. We have lost a lot of our vision riding or driving in cars. I think you see a lot more moving slower under your own power. And Byrne shares what he has seen. Interestingly the book opens in Buffalo and Rochester. They could have fared better, but are treated pretty well. It is enjoyable to read. Back to reading...

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