Saturday, November 5, 2011

A New Home (And Paperwork)

Okay this is twice this post has disappeared so I am giving up.  Pictures, a real post and more tomorrow

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pixies and Reality Setting In

First, Ned and I went to see the Pixies tonight, which will explain why I am writing at 11:45 or later. Well, Dad stood in the back and son would come see him from time to time. The show was excellent regardless and very loud and very well produced. One of these days I will find out if they saved one of my favorites for last or not. It was fun and my already bad hearing will probably remain bad and may have gotten a little worse.
During free time and moments I can steal and think of it at work, I am preparing myself for the boat. So far I have accomplished very little, but may have a place or two to store it. Tomorrow will be a couple of more calls. The reality hit me Monday when I went to get a price on a trailer hitch for my car. They are roughly as much as I paid for the boat. Storage is also going to cost me more that the boat's price, and we haven't started working or seriously looking for a motor.
One positive note is that because it is only 14 feet long, a season's pass on the Canal will only cost $25.00. That is when and if it goes in the water. I have to thank a few people for the outpouring of support for my project. Rick, Steve and John, thank you. And thank you Maria.
For now there is a new copy of Wooden Boat magazine on the magazine pile, a lot of ideas, more questions, a certain dread thinking about what it may need and a desire to just get to work.