Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bike Update, Revisited and Another Sign of Spring!

Visiting with Karen brought a whole bunch of new things today. I am now on Facebook, God forbid, but I'll give it a try. I want to draw attention to surviving a stroke and it is another medium. I have been tired all day as expected and from writing this morning. But since the sun is out I rode the bike down to my little office and back. I had some things to fax and go through and just get out of Maria's hair. I will write more about the office some time, it is in an old factory building on the canal which housed the American Can Company and the Crossman Air Gun company. It is a perfect example of creative and adaptive reuse.

This bicycling still needs a lot of practice, but each day makes it a little easier. This time I didn't bother checking the distance but was watching the speed some. I made it further up the hill and the ramp off the canal trail. Most importantly it feels better. I bought a mirror at RVE and put it on today. We both need some adjustment to be useful but it feels like it helps.

For the fun of it here is the bike, tricked out with a new mirror. Sorry kids, your father is a dork. I can't walk a Wonderdog with the bike though so I have to sign off and find another mailbox post.

After walking out the door, I knew I had to get a picture... Spring is here! Now if I could do a better job of placing pictures.

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