Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Book!

I have to write more about these books I read, thumbs up for In Defense of Food and Bicycle Diaries. Growing Up Dead gets so so marks. Food Rules will continually be quoted. If you hadn't guessed, I like Michael Pollan.

The new selection is Whole Earth Discipline, An Ecopragmatist Manifesto by Stewart Brand. I enjoyed the Whole Earth Catalogs growing up before the Internet. Sure you can find anything on Google now but the Catalogs brought everything interesting and radical in on large book. You didn't need to search, just turn the page. I wonder where the books are now. One of the best parts where the pages on Volkswagen's. It's almost hard to imagine a car you could rip the engine apart on and find every part in the JC Whitney catalog.

With its hippie slant the Whole Earth Catalog provided guidance. I am excited to read the manifesto. Brand may just provide a road map through the crises facing us today. You can find out about Stewart Brand, his work and books at:
Of course tonight my links aren't working. I promise to post a link soon. And another book of his of interest, How Buildings Learn.

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