Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In From Walk

The Wonderdog and I just got in from the evening walk where he picked the house with no one home, but the neighbor across the road was in the driveway. I hate having to get plastic bags at the supermarket, but I hate more to buy them. He apparently needs an audience, a dog thing.

He may learn but I doubt it. Maria said he wasn't much of a wonder dog, but I wonder if he'll ever get a brain. It was garbage day today so he was especially interested in anything that was left. Paper is particularly fresh this time of year.

The clouds are coming in, which was both forecast and expected, we had much more sun that anticipated. A little patch of Crocus below a mailbox indicated spring is indeed very close. Fortunately a certain Wonderdog didn't mark them. Said dog can be steered.

I have been working on both SketchUp and DoubleCAD. There is a lot of learning for both, but I want to have a good concept before the course. This might blow up in my face, and I may be relearning everything. The price you pay, I am getting good at relearning things.

It has turned into another tired day. I managed to spray a good part of a bottle of fuel injector cleaner on myself, then it took three store to find something I have been looking. Silly items which cost a dollar or two are sometimes the hardest to find. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I may go down to Farmer Erin's farm and spread mulch around the greenhouse. It sounds like fun.

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