Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning

And I should be eating cereal while watching cartoons. Now I wonder if that still happens? Maddy doesn't watch cartoons, but Meg and Ned did for a while. Then you hit an age and you just sleep in, the closer to noon you make it the cooler you are.

Its a gray one here, spitting rain sometimes and windy. It is too bad because Maddy wanted to go skiing today. She had someone set to go but they backed out after the weather forecast said rain. Skiing in rain is really no fun, okay I did at her age, but you get wet. Ski clothes are for snow and cold, not really for rain. If it clears a little I may take her, but then will she be seen with a very uncool stepfather it rented skis? I have offered a couple of times but been turned down.

Skiing is like the bicycle, I have to try to see if I can do it post stroke. I grew up on skis, with a ski hill with rope tow in my aunt and uncle's back yard. It was a mile or two away as the crow flies, and you could ski to across a field, over a bridge, up a hill and into their driveway. It was easier to wait for a ride in the station wagon. We raced, we went over jumps, one cousin won the state high school championship. I got close to the state meet but never made it, I think I may have been an alternate my senior year.

I skied some in college, graduated to cross country skis at some point, did the telemark thing, then dragged my old skis out and tried it again. I always tried to get out once a year and I was pretty good. No flips, helicopters or moguls courses and no slalom gates, but it was good to be out. I rented the new shape skis and they worked. It was fun.

The rain has picked up so today is not looking too promising, maybe we can try the St. Patrick's parade instead. Standing in the rain in crowd of drunken Irishmen who aren't Irish is almost as much fun as skiing in the rain. Actually the skiing is more fun.

And now for something totally different, a Saturday morning cartoon: (Thank you Bob for the video)

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