Sunday, March 7, 2010

"My Stroke of Insight"

Sometime later in the summer, Maria and I were in Barnes and Noble in Pittsford when this book caught my eye. Jill Bolte Taylor wrote this wonderful book about her experience with a stroke and her recovery. Jill is/was a brain researcher who had a massive bleed on her left hemispere. She had the stroke in 1996 at 37 years and the book chroniciles both her experience remembering the stroke and her recovery.

My Stroke of Insight was the first time I found something readable on strokes. There does not seem to be a lot out there. I did a search on Amazon this morning and came up with more about the band The Strokes, another band. Stroke 9, Strokes for Dummies, which I really want to read being the idiot who just had one. Jill Taylor's book was near the beginning of the list fortunately. I pretty new to this blogging and have much to learn, but here is a link to her TED talk:
Her website is:
If you are stroke survivor or know someone who has had a stroke, I would highly recommend this. It certainly provided me with insight and hope.

And here are The Strokes singing "Last Night":
Someday I will learn to embed these things.

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