Monday, June 28, 2010

New Book and Off to Maine

Maria's friends the Brennans called last Thursday and asked if we would join them at Paul's mother in law's beach house in Maine. So early tomorrow we head for Kennebunk to enjoy a few days on the beach. There was a cancellation at the last minute and was going to sit empty. I am pretty thankful I can both do these things and enjoy them this summer, but I pray I won't have time for again soon.

Maddy and her friend Aidein (forgive me Brennans) both had doctor's appointments today so the week started late. I doubt I will be posting much but I will be enjoying the beach and the ocean. I am taking a book my friend Steve recommended, The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein. I have been reading too much non-fiction and I am looking forward to a novel from the dog's perspective.

From there we take Maddy to camp and then home for a few days before going back up north. But in all honesty I would trade it all for a decent job. We will see what last week's speech evaluation brings, hopefully getting me closer to employment.

On another note, Ned starts work today at Camp Northwood where his father worked 30 summers ago. It will be good experience for him and should provide some experience in his career/education path. We had a really fun weekend and he really enjoyed the Furthur show.

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