Monday, July 5, 2010

Maine and an Adirondack Visit

I admit, I put this PC away in a briefcase a week ago, never got it out and did not missed it. I did delete a hundred or so unnecessary emails yesterday on Maria's parents machine but only read two of them. (My brother and the speech therapist). But we arrived home today in sweltering weather, missing both the shore and the mountains. The animals survived with their respective sitters and checkers, presumably Maddy is enjoying her final year of being a counselor in training at camp.

If you don't know someone with a family place right on the ocean, I would highly recommend meeting someone who does. I don't know about the family dynamic where we stayed but I greatly appreciate their generosity. The house was beautiful, the weather was gorgeous and the beach was sandy and the water warm enough to swim in. I managed to devour two books by Garth Stein and have time to get a nice sunburn. We have some new favorite shops for our next trip. But most of all I think we all recharged.

The trip back was a little hairy, running into 4th of July traffic in a big way. Meandering up Grand Isle in Lake Champlain took some of the edge off the day. We finally got to Elle and Wayne's in nearly 10 hours, instead of the six or seven it was supposed to take. The following morning, my bride broke every speed limit getting us from Canton to Mountain View in record time. We had a nice visit with Maria's parents after Maddy was dropped off and headed back to Canton. The Stripp's were putting up hay, 1200 bales and I did join in to carry and hoist a few, causing the soreness in my shoulders today.

I have pictures to go through, books to tell about and many memories to share on this trip. But I will just say it was wonderful.

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