Saturday, June 26, 2010


Friday night Phil, Bobby and company rolled into town to play in the Highland Park Bowl Amphitheatre. Two years earlier we saw Phil there on a magical July night. He seems to like the place and special things happen. Last night showed just how true that was with a spectacular show.

The entire show was flawless, but two songs deserve special note and they weren't Grateful Dead songs. The first set included a surprise version of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and in the second set they broke into Pink Floyd's "Time".

One aside, Ned came out for the show, catching a ride with my friend Steve. Steve was on his way back from a Phish show in New Jersey and got Ned. Steve fared surprisingly well considering the length of the show and how much beer just kept appearing.

But two of the guys on stage had the most energy. Phil turned 70 in March, and though Bobby has always been the youngster, he is well into his 60's. The day after the show is a recovery day and this was no exception. But not for the ones making the music. Before Jerry Garcia died, I had always wanted to take my children to shows. I got my wish with a band playing as well as the Dead could in the last couple years. It was a special night.

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