Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Year

June 20th crept in while I was searching Amazon for something I may well have needed, I admit to ordering a couple things. I don't think I will look at Father's Day again in the same light. I have made it a year since the stroke, providing I make it through tomorrow. You are most likely to have another in the first year, but that is qualified with if you don't change your lifestyle. Mine was changed for me.

Maria's sister Elle, brother in law Wayne and nephew Francis were down for a concert this week. We saw Procul Harum and Jethro Tull at CMAC and anything I say won't do the concert justice. Both were good but had flaws, but both have been playing a while. On the same note we see Bobby and Phil and FURTHER this coming week. We love our old rockers.

But I digress, Elle and Wayne both smoke, not as much as I did. When they come down I realize how much I miss it. I am now on 1 year and 11 weeks, since I was at 11 weeks when I had the stroke. I don't look for a cause anymore, there were a lot of causes. It was my third stroke after all. I still have a few beers, but not like I did and I take my meds. I exercise more and am physically more active.

I had no intention of being up now so will post more tomorrow. It has been one hell of a year. Thank you Maria for putting up with me.

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