Monday, June 7, 2010

Top Shot

Last night was the premier of the History Channel reality show Top Shot. Normally I don't get excited about guys (and one girl) running around with weapons shooting things, but this has a friend, Iain Harrison as a contestant. Iain worked with me in 2002-3 at New Energy Works Timber Framers. He was a timber framer and later graduated to marketing. Now he runs the Western office with Jonathan.

Iain always seemed a little larger than life and seems no different in the series, of course he is partnered with the shows one female contestant. His stories from his days as a British commando thrilled and chilled. I will most fondly remember when he lost his timber framing mallet and showed up at the shop with a new bright pink model, known as the "Shop Fox" model. But you couldn't kid him too much.

A while ago we decided to downsize our cable, since for the most part we don't watch TV. We did watch on Tuesday nights when NCIS, Lost and the second night of Dancing With the Stars were competing. We survived anyways and I watched NCIS Los Angeles on the Internet. After sitting through a fuzzy show last night I found the episode on HULA today and watched some. Anyone who can't catch it due to lack of cable (a surprising number of us) can see it now if you have Internet. And Iain, you look great in that Utilikilt!

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