Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Book

Tomorrow (or maybe this evening) I start Let My People Go Surfing, the education of a reluctant businessman, by Yvon Chouinard. This comes on the heels of finally finishing Green Metropolis by David Owen. As too often happens I get distracted and reading other things and I end up with too many books going or as ofter projects going. Aside from travelling, my distraction has been working with SketchUp and building too many timber frames.

I have decided to up the ante a little with my reading and try to read aloud for an hour a day. It proved to be a challenge today, but like everything else it may get stronger with repetition. All of the doctors have suggested speech therapy but it is not covered under my current insurance plan. (Anyone not supporting health insurance reform, I invite you to have a stroke or other cataclysmic health problem, you will change your tune real quick.) The reading out loud can't hurt.

Last night I also read a talk Jon Abrams gave a the 2009 Eastern Conference of the Timber Framers Guild. Jon is now a co-owner of the South Mountain Company, which he founded in the 1970's and the author of another book, The Company We Keep. A transcript is available at the Guild website: www.tfguild.org, and it is worth a read. I want to read it a couple more times before commenting.

Heading off now on the bike to play tennis, it should be a painful night... But I have been a little lacking in exercise lately, well sort of. But I don't get anywhere with out pushing myself.

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