Wednesday, April 14, 2010


How I am feeling at the moment... Being another sunny and warmer day, I went and helped Farmer Erin at Mud Creek today. We picked rocks and put them in bags which will hold down the row covers to keep out the bugs and keep in the heat. Much more technical than when I was growing, I merely put the rocks on the row cover. Before doing this I of course had to do a few miles on the bike and after had to walk a Wonderdog. If I am not building some stamina, just shoot me now.

My bride asked me if they were rocks on the ground, and I replied they were jumping rocks. But they didn't move too quickly, even with my help. Picking rocks is a perfect exercise, you bend over on roughly till soil and then toss the rocks in piles. So my arms, back and legs are all screaming now, but it feels good. I still can only put about two hours in and I think the heat is as bad as the exercise. Until I get used to it I have always had problems with heat. Maybe that's why I live in Upstate New York.

A couple of things of mention. Tomorrow is my bride's birthday, a monumentus day. She reaches the half century mark and now we can both join AARP. I am taking her to see a screening of Crimson, White and Indigo, a film of a Grateful Dead show from July 7, 1989. The best part is there will be a book signing with Peter Conners, author of Growing Up Dead. It should be a lot of fun. I finally married my Deadhead, it just took us a while to find each other.

I also have to mention a shop I found, Flour City Pasta. I can't vouch for the pasta yet, I haven't cooked it yet, but Jon let me smell some and it is heavenly. I grabbed a bag of Rasta Pasta which may become a salad tomorrow, and a basil fettuccine. It is organic and Jon makes it in his little shop on the Canal in Turk Hill Park. If you are on Facebook you can look him up.

It is also new book time, though it may take a few days. My head is still swimming from Whole Earth Manifesto. There is some information overload here and it may take some time to sort out. For now its Fishing Bamboo by John Gierach. John writes stories about fishing that relate to every aspect of life and always leaves you with a smile. Maybe a nice change. But there is a copy of Green Metropolis waiting on the shelf too.

And if you see Maria tomorrow, wish her a happy birthday!

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