Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ten Miles!!!

I did it finally and have little to show for it but a sore butt which you aren't seeing unless your name is Maria, and it's questionable if she's interested. I was a little iffy this morning but wanted to head to the office to water the plants. Riding to the office is maneuvering on a couple of Fairport's busier roads, but I like it to keep my head in shape. Although they weren't out today, there is nothing like sharing the road with one garbage truck after another. A twenty pound bike with a 160 pound man on it versus a garbage truck...or for that matter any vehicle.

After the plants were watered I got on the canal trail and headed east toward Macedon. At some point the High View Landfill started looming in the horizon, just the other side of the railroad tracks. My route would take me around it. I went through a funky little community vaguely known as Wayneport, nestled in between the tracks and canal. As always I wished I had my camera, but now know where the others in my VESID orientation were from. Well, some of them.

I got on the road and hit wind and terrain changes and can say hills and wind suck, but they make the ride more interesting. And for every up there is a down and all that happy horseshit. Coming around the dump I had an interesting experience. Four deer ran out of the dump and across in front of me. I have hit enough deer with cars to have a healthy respect, but these actually stopped and looked at me before dashing into the woods. For a second I wondered if they would run into me on a bike like they have so many times in a car. It is a very different perspective, but very cool to realize they were watching me. I wonder what they think of bicyclists.

Skunks, particularly dead skunks take on a different meaning too, they seem to be more fragrant, even more so than when walking. Maybe you are breathing harder. The dump stinks too, no matter what Waste Management says. You just have to be in the right down wind location. In all it was a good ride. I did walk up the hill and had to go around the circle a couple of times to get over 10 miles, but it was a nice accomplishment for a 50 year old man less than a year after his stroke. If I can sit on the bike seat I will see how far I get tomorrow. If I can't, I deserve a day off. And Maria just handed me a coupon for RVE (Bike Shop) to look for a new seat.

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