Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Books and Bikes

I am sitting in my office, I rode down this morning to get out of Maria's hair. She does her indexing out of the house and I am sentenced to being there, not always comfortably. Next week I meet with a vocational counselor and I will tell her how much I want to work. I wish. But a lot of days when Maria has deadlines I feel very much in the way. Fortunately it was a nice sunny morning.
Yesterday's bike ride ended up being another milestone, 12 miles and up the hill, well a couple of hills. And down one very un-natural hill, the ramp to the canal trail at Whitney Road. This beautiful piece of engineering has two minor flaws. The turning radius at the center is too tight if you are going down (at least for 50 year old men who have had strokes) and there is no curb cut to the road on top, just a fairly narrow sidewalk. There is one maybe half a mile down the road, but since the sidewalk is used by pedestrians, if anyone is walking it gets awkward. I have a thing about sidewalks and curbs anyways.

On another topic, next week is BMike's SketchUp course, so I have been reading about timber frames and SketchUp. I have also just started Green Metropolis by David Owen. Owen is a staff writer for the New Yorker. So far, if nothing else, he writes well and seem to know what he is talking about.
Today also found me down at Farmer Erin's farm, helping with planting cabbages and kale. The star of the planting was a 7 year old named Aidan who was quite interested though he really didn't like vegetables. And full of boundless energy. It was fun to see as someone else struggled to stand up each time he bent down to plant.

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