Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Thursday

And the beginning of trout season and I haven't posted much of anything this week. So any of you reading this on a regular basis, I apologize or maybe you welcomed the break. I have been completely wiped out this week, more so than usual. Of course I have been pushing myself a little, and trying to do some things. I don't seem to be sleeping as well either. Any combination is catching up with me.

The energy, or lack there of, seem to go in fits and starts. In the fall, still convinced that I could just walk away from this I tortured myself for not having the energy to get a consulting business going. What was wrong with me? I still can't grasp every way the stroke affected me but I am learning.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Chuck, an architect I worked at the Timber Framers, getting his take on Google SketchUp. We went over a lot and I picked up a lot of pointers. In the end I couldn't speak and was wiped out. When I got home Maria asked me where we drank lunch, I apparently looked so bad. Sadly the coffee and scones contained no alcohol. And drafting in SketchUp is heady stuff, but not that good.

I am somewhat recovered today, but still tired. The sun is out so I raked the garden, getting ready to plant peas. We will spend some of the weekend at my Mom's and then back for Easter dinner. Maybe some fishing out there too.

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