Sunday, April 11, 2010

Highland Lilacs

Maria, Ziggy the Wonderdog and I took a walk through Highland Park today having heard the lilacs were blooming already. It was a bit of an exaggeration, there were a few starting, but lots of other plants were in full bloom taking advantage of the early spring. Daffodils, Azalea and magnolia were pretty spectacular with a little color on a few lilacs. I don't know if they will wait for the Lilac Festival in early May, but a few later plants will.

It has been an early spring with the first March in recorded history without a snowfall in Monroe County. It did snow Friday, sort of and I don't know the criterion. It didn't accumulate. It is interesting reading Stewart Brand now talking about climate change and how it could be fixed. It seems terribly real at times and I am sure it is. But just a few years ago they moved the Lilac Festival back a week because of a few cold springs not producing lilacs in time.

The park has always fascinated me. Each year I have discovered a little more there or realized what something was. I will have to post something about it's history sometime, maybe at lilac time or maybe when Further plays this summer. Two years ago we saw Phil Lesh there for a magical concert. I can understand why he is coming back.

A quick note on the cycling progress, only 5 1/2 miles today but a lot more hill. Maybe my chicken legs will get stronger. My lungs haven't been filled with smoke for a year, I walk more and sleep more, just this damn stroke holding me back. Maybe not holding me back as much...

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