Sunday, May 16, 2010


We are back and I once again apologize for not posting, but I don't think I had the computer out for any length of time while we were there. And while my search for Ted Baxter was fruitless, Mary Tyler Moore will live forever in a statue across the street from our hotel. And while some might say why Minneapolis, I have two answers. 1) It was very cool to see my wife present at the American Society for Indexing meeting, and 2) Minneapolis is a surprisingly fun and nice city.

While we arrived Wednesday evening and left this morning, very early this morning, I had Thursday, Friday and Saturday to explore the city. Thursday was a washout in a lot of ways, I am learning how I can operate while traveling and the day after isn't the best. But I started walking, found virtually no one on the streets and only as the rain got worse was I able to find the hamster maze of interconnected skyways and bridges. This led to some frustration, when the rain was the heaviest I stood in a bridge looking a store I wanted to be in, only two blocks away, but the only route in the skyways would have taken me back almost as far as our hotel. I took a nap until Maria could come with me.

I also have to thank Clark Bremer, the owner of Northern Lights Timber Framing for showing me around the "Nordeast" and his shop, being gracious and very enjoyable to meet. Clark also wrote the Timber Frame Rubies for SketchUp and that proved to be the only time I used the computer on the trip. More on all of this soon, now I am trying to relax. But it was a great trip!

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