Monday, May 3, 2010


The SketchUp course was a wonderful success and I learned much more than I hoped to. Thank you Mike, Will and Michelle. I am trying to remember and repeat all we learned and I am. I am also amazed what a powerful program it is. Looking around the internet this morning I found many Efco and Winco products, so it is being used in the commercial world also.
Of course I now want to start timber framing and take another course or two at Heartwood, but then again I have always wanted to timber frame.
This week brings some rest and some important doctor's appointments. Wednesday I see a neurologist and Friday get a physical. At ten months after the stroke, I have only seen the neurologist once, having to reschedule around my father's decision to pass. Hopefully some good will come of this.
I was wonderfully energized for the course, but getting back was tiring and I don't have the same stamina today. Some of this leads me to think I should be doing something work wise, but this afternoon I am changing my mind. I think last week and my travels are catching up with me.

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